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Library Research Guides

Green Indigeneities: English 317/AmCult 301

A research guide for Susan Najita's Fall 2013 class.

Where do conversations happen?

Here are some examples of potential spaces and ways that different stakeholders communicate together and amongst stakeholder groups.

Keep in mind that any individual's identity may be associated with multiple stakeholder groups.

Keep in mind, also, that these are just examples of potential modes that might be used to have conversations about problems affecting groups.


  • Scholars studying an issue
    • Scholarly literature (scholarly articles from the medical and public health literatures), trade journals
    • anecdotal information or information observed through professional practice in case of physicians.
  • Government agents
    • Government documents, reports, studies
    • Constituent feedback
    • News media
    • Local, State, and Federal levels of policy and law
    • Lawyers
  • Educators
    • Local media
    • Government regulators
  • Residents
    • Local media
    • Issues-advocacy organizations
    • Consumer health sources
    • Community advocates, health care providers, schools, neighbor-to-neighbor
    • Lawyers
  • Flint area Indigenous groups and people
    • Sources used by fellow residents
    • Community-based centers (ex: Intercultural Center at UM-Flint)