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Library Research Guides

Green Indigeneities: English 317/AmCult 301

A research guide for Susan Najita's Fall 2013 class.

Modeling a topic for different stakeholder groups

Topic modeling usually refers to the practice of textual analysis of a corpus of literature.  We want you to do something different here:

Model a topic for different stakeholder groups. 

Whatever the problem that you are investigating for your final project, considering how different stakeholders are engaged in an issue can help you understand different ways of looking at the problem. Identifying major stakeholder groups will allow you to think about how conversations happen among and between those groups, and seek out various ways information is exchanged for different groups.

Example: Flint Water Crisis

Questions to ask

  • Are their stakeholder groups missing?
  • Perhaps indigenous people? Perhaps taxpayers or voters? Perhaps educators?
  • What do we know about this graphic?
  • Who made it? Was it created by an individual or an organization? what sources did they use? is it being updated regularly?