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Library Research Guides

SW 522 - Basic Social Work Research

Freely Available Resources

University of Michigan Library purchases licenses and books for students, faculty and staff. After graduation you will only have access to these resources by coming to campus and logging on to computers as a guest. Since finding evidence and research is a critical to social worker decision-making you may want to consider using some of the resources listed in the guide linked below after graduation.

Step 5 - Find Government Research & Open Access Articles

Our tax dollars pay for a great deal of research sponsored by government agencies. Because of this, laws have been passed and continue to be drafted making the resulting research free to the general public. When full-text research articles are placed in PubMed Central or some other repository and are available without cost to the public this is called open access. Ohe helpful guide to open access publications is the Directory of Open Access Journals.

It is best to be skeptical when searching the open Internet for scholarly research but if you are a careful consumer of information the Internet can offer a wealth of research which can help you to answer your research question/problem. Government web sites are especially rich sources for finding statistics and research on a wide range of topics.

For more suggestions on open access resources, government databases, think tanks and other free resources for social work see the appropriate tabs in the library guide Staying Informed After Graduation



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