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Library Research Guides

SW 522 - Basic Social Work Research

Following Citations

Once you find an article that is appropriate to the subject you are researching, consider looking at the bibliography of this article to find other articles which might also relate to your research.  Many databases link bibliographic citations so that you can easily access these articles. Remember to click on the M Get It icon if you see one available. This will quickly lead you to the articles of interest within the bibliographic references.

Using references cited from within an article allows you to find research published at the time this scholar published his or her results. The publication dates of the references will always be older than the publication of citing article. Many databases may also provide another link to articles which included the article listed in their papers. In the example above this is the Times Cited in this Database link. This link allows you to follow the research trail beyond the year of publication of the article which in this case is 2007. You may find more recent research relevant to your topic by using this feature.


The Social Sciences Citation Index in ISI Web of Science is another excellent database for following the research citation trail.



Quickly browse the titles of the cited articles or link directly to them to continue your research.