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Social Work

Provides resources for social work research at the University of Michigan.

  Mirlyn Search Tips

  • You do not need to use capital letters in Mirlyn.

  • An asterisk (*) or question mark (?) can be used to truncate search terms, i.e. to find words that have a common root. Use an asterisk for multiple letters (optim* will find optimal, optimum, optimization) and a question mark for single letters (wom?n will find both woman and women).

  • Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases ("occult fiction").

  • You can select a connector ("AND", "OR", or "NOT"), but usually you'll want to leave this as "AND" in order to get the most relevant results

  • Do not use punctuation; for example, women's studies should be womens studies.

  • If you leave a space, Mirlyn will automatically perform a search for the terms with "AND."

  Searching in Mirlyn

This tutorial gives some basic tips on performing keyword searches in Mirlyn, U of M's library catalog.