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Library Research Guides


Research procedure for identifying books, journal and newspaper articles, campaign finances, campaign ads, political advertising, public opinion polls, and election data.


American Presidency Project Comprehensive web site from UCSB with public papers of the presidents, most years from 1789 to present; a complete run of inaugural and State of the Union addresses, bill signing statements, executive orders, vetoes, Roosevelt fireside chats, and Presidential executive orders.
Presidents of the United States Extensive web site with pages for each President, Washington to Obama. Picture, biographies, election results, first ladies, cabinets, highlights of administration, historical documents, and links to related Internet sites. Special attention paid to links describing historical events and biographies of cabinet members. Created by the University of Michigan School of Information.
Presidential Libraries The National Archives sponsors libraries for all former presidents, Hoover through Clinton. The individual libraries may have web versions of declassified material.


Congressional Quarterly Almanac Detailed, non-partisan summary of major legislation in each year, 1945-2006. Provides behind-the-scenes information, identifies key features of extensive legislation, and major players. Searchable and browsable. Includes a policy tracker of related articles.  UMich Only
Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report Congressional Quarterly is a highly-respected weekly journal on legislation and politics in Congress. Provides considerable analysis, behind-the-scenes information, comparisons of similar bills, and roll call votes. CQ Weekly on the web includes access to the full text of all articles published since 1983. Earlier issues are in the Graduate Library stacks (JK 1 .C12).
UMich Only
CQ Congress Collection Congressional procedures, biographies, interest group ratings, and roll call votes (equivalent to CQ Guide to Congress and Politics in America). Unique in its capability to analyze members of Congress by personal characteristics (party, state, occupation, religion) as well as voting patterns and party unity scores.
UMich Only
ProQuest Congressional Indexes Congressional committee hearings, prints, reports, and documents from 1789. Full text provided for Congressional hearings, 1833-2003 with selected text thereafter. Also includes the full text of all reports and documents in the Serial Set, 1789-1969, the Congressional Record (1985+), United States Statutes at Large (1789+), Federal Register (1980+), and the current editions of both the United States Code and Code of Federal Regulations.  UMich Only
Congressional Committee Hearings Congressional committee hearings are held on proposed legislation, appropriations, investigations, and oversight of the Executive Branch. They have been published since 1789 in a variety of formats. Whether you are looking for information on the cotton gin, migratory birds, the Titanic, the Cold War, or the Iraq War, you will surely find something. The Documents Center in the Graduate library has access to most in either paper or microfiche format. ProQuest Congressional  has the FULL TEXT of all hearings online, 1833-2003, and MIRLYN  lists the URLS for online versions since 2003.
Documents Center
Congressional Research Service Major Studies and Issue Briefs Research reports written for Congress on specific legislative topics from recess appointments and gas prices to CAFTA labor laws and Al-Qaeda. Named the #1 fugitive document by lobby groups because of their irregular distribution. CRS reports, 1916 to present, are available through ProQuest Congressional . There are several public access sources for more current CRS reports, including Open CRS. Committee Prints, which are often written by the CRS, are also available through ProQuest Congressional beginning 1830.

State Government

LexisNexis State Capital Bill status and text for all 50 states since 1990; full text of current state legal and regulatory codes; state political newsletters; current state legislator. May be searched one state at a time or across any combination of states.
UMich Only
Michigan Michigan government web sites provide everything from laws and regulations to campground reservations and maps showing testing scores in K-12 districts. Detailed voting data and ballot proposals appear on the Secretary of State's web site. The main state gateway is searchable as well as browsable.
State and Local Government on the Net (Piper) Most comprehensive guide to state and territorial government web sites as well as inter-state organizations.