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Urban and Regional Planning

Locate a wide variety of resources for Urban and Regional Planning studies, as well as transportation studies.


Use ArticlesPlus for Finding Articles

Try the library's new article discovery tool, ArticlesPlus.  ArticlesPlus allows searching across thousands of publishers and millions of documents.  As part of your search, you can limit your results to articles from scholarly journals, from newspapers, or to articles that are available fulltext.

To use ArticlesPlus, simply go to the MLibrary gateway page, click on the ArticlesPlus tab over the Search box, enter your search terms and click "go."   This search feature is available also at the AAEL page:


Things to remember:
ArticlesPlus is a very good way to start researching a particular topic.
ArticlesPlus is great for multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research.
ArticlesPlus does not replace subject specific databases for specialized searching, so don't forget about the Avery Index, JSTOR, ScienceDirect, or any of those other standards you've become accustomed to using.
ArticlesPlus is not Mirlyn; if you want books, search in Mirlyn.

As the Library develops ArticlesPlus beyond this beta release, we welcome your feedback through the Library's feedback form.