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Library Research Guides

EndNote Essentials

Information on how to use many of the tools and features in EndNote. EndNote can help you store and organize citation information and format bibliographies and papers.


Mirlyn has a direct export to EndNote. To get items from Mirlyn to your EndNote library follow these steps.

1.  Search Mirlyn and select the items you want to save in EndNote by checking the box to the left


2.  When you have selected all the references you want to save, click on the Export link.

3.  Select EndNote as your bibliographic management software

4.  Mirlyn will give you a link to your EndNote file.  You may either choose to open the file with the EndNote program (direct import) or save the file and import into EndNote (see below starting with Step 9 under using the Mirlyn Filter).

Mirlyn Filter

There is no Mirlyn filter that ships with EndNote, so all users must download this file if they have never done so. 

  • Read the instructions for downloading and installing styles, connection files and filters
  • Download the updated filter if you have not done so already

Using the Filter file

  1. Go to and perform your search.
  2. Click on the checkbox next to each citation to select citations for downloading.
  3. Click on the Add to My Shelf button.
  4. Enter description (optional) and click "Go"
  5. Select My Shelf from the Mirlyn menu at the top of the window.
  6. Once you are viewing your shelf, select the Print/Export/Mail All button.
  7. From the Select Predefined Format pulldown menu, select RefWorks/EndNote/ProCite and click on the Go button at the bottom of the window.
  8. Your citations will appear as text in your browser window. Go to the File menu and select Save As. Save your citations as text on your computer.
  9. Go back to EndNote, go to the File menu, and select Import. Click on the Choose File button. Navigate to the text file that contains the citations you want to import and click on Open.
  10. In the Import Option menu, select the Mirlyn (UM) filter. Click on the Import button. The records will be added to your EndNote library.


Installation instructions

  1. Click on the file you wish to download, and save the file to your computer.
    • Unzipping - many of our files are zipped, they will be ".exe" or ".zip" files:
    • For PCs: files ending in ".exe" are self-extracting; those ending in ".zip" should be expanded using WinZip or some other comparable software.
    • For Macs: zipped files should decompress automatically when double-clicked. If not, open the Stuffit Expander application, and then tell it to expand the file you have just downloaded.
  2. Save the unzipped file(s):
    • EndNote Filter files (.enf) need to be placed in your EndNote Filters directory (usually in Program Files/EndNote/Filters on PCs and Applications/EndNote/Filters on Macs).
    • EndNote Output Styles(.ens) go in the EndNote Styles directory (usually Program Files/EndNote/Styles on PCs, and Applications/EndNote/Styles on Macs).
    • EndNote Connection Files (.enz) go in the EndNote Connections directory (usually Program Files/EndNote/Connections on PCs, and Applications/EndNote/Connections on Macs).
  3. Restart EndNote.
  4. Once restarted, go to the Edit menu and access Import Filters > Filter Manager or Output Styles > Open Style Manager or Connection Files > Open Connection Manager. In the manager, your new Filter or Connection File will be listed in alphabetical order by the filename. Check the box next to your new file, and it will be available for use when you go through the normal steps for making connections or importing records.