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Library Research Guides


Provides guidance on information resources and search strategies on conducting library research in psychology.

Videos at the Library

The UM Library has a large collection of video materials both in physical and streaming formats.

  • The Askwith Media Library is your campus source for movies and TV shows.
  • All video content is searchable in the Mirlyn library catalog.
  • Streaming video databases include thematic or publisher/distributor based collections of videos and may be browsed or searched independently.

Streaming Video Databases

A complete list of streaming video databases is available in Search Tools.

Instructors: Consult the guide from the Askwith Media Library on Library Digital Films Service - Streaming video for instructors

Searching for Video Content in Mirlyn

Searching for videos in Mirlyn by using the Refine Search facets on the left-hand column to limit the Format to Visual Material.

  1. Run your search
  2. On the results page, look at the Refine Search column on the left-hand side of the page
    1. Under the Format heading, look to see if there is a link for Visual Material and click it
      1. You may need to click "more..." if you do not see Visual Material listed
      2. If Visual Material is not listed, then no videos match your search
      3. Visual Materials include both hard copy and streaming video formats


Step 2A - The Visual Material search limit is under the Format heading in the Refine Search column

Step 2A - screenshot of Mirlyn Catalog with Format, Visual Material highlighted


Featured: Psychological Experiments Online!

The Psychological Experiments Online collection includes 50 streaming videos with corresponding searchable transcripts, as well as links to YouTube videos on related topics.  It also includes more than 500 books and documents, including original manuscripts and letters relating to many classic experiments.