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Near Eastern Studies

Resources relevant for the study of the Near East from the ancient to the modern period


Brief selection of recommended library resources relevant for the academic study of the Hebrew Bible / Ancient Israel in addition to searching the online library catalog Mirlyn. Other pages and research guides will also have relevant material.

AGADE Listserv

"Jack M. Sasson, the Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Judaic and Biblical Studies at Vanderbilt University, has been collecting and distributing the Agade Mailing List for almost two decades, dating back to his position at The University of North Carolina, which still hosts the email distribution list. The Agade list forwards news and information of interest to scholars in biblical studies, Near Eastern studies, Late Antiquity, Judaica, Classics, archaeology, and even broad intellectual history [including many new and forthcoming publications]. It is a valuable source of announcements, and these many guilds are in debt to Professor Sasson."

To subscribe to Agade by email please send a blank email to listserv [at], and include (as subject and in first line): subscribe agade

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